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Zimbabwe Miners Federation’s birth was marked to represent and contribute to the development, growth, and empowerment of the artisanal and small-scale (ASM) miners in Zimbabwe. Established in 2003, the ZMF seeks to bring ASM into the mainstream economy through lobbying and support of ASM operations.

Part of the ZMF objectives is lobbying for the formalization and regularisation of artisanal miners, and small-scale miners. ZMF ensures that legislation in the country is conducive for ASM mining operations and at the same time developing a good rapport with the government.

ZMF links on a day-to-day basis, with its partners who are stakeholders which include but not limited to government, investors, mining service providers, suppliers, and tertiary training institutions who complete the mineral value chain. ZMF has a total of 60 affiliate associations at the district and provincial levels. The total number of miners being represented is currently at 1,500 000.

ZMF’s values are premised on the following

• Trust  • Care • Innovation • Pride

Chiguruguru operator
Small-scale mine in Zimbabwe


To develop, empower and grow the Artisanal and Small Scale miners in Zimbabwe.


To promote and ensure rational development and utilisation in a safe and sustainable environment of mineral resources for the socio-economic enhancement of the people of Zimbabwe.

Aims and Objectives

  • To lobby for the support, recognition and empowerment of all indigenous miners.
  • To create partnerships, synergies to enable indigenous miners to access finance and credit for their mining operations.
  • To lobby the Government to enact policies that protect local indigenous small-scale miners and make small-scale mining a preserve for the local Zimbabweans.
  • Lobbying for the formalization of the Artisanal Miners.
Zimbabwe Miners Federation President

Henrietta Rushwaya


The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) was established in 2003 to serve the interests of the Artisanal and Small-Medium Scale Miners (ASM) in Zimbabwe. Our mandate is to champion the development, growth, and empowerment of the artisanal and Small Scale mining sector. This can only be achieved by capacitating the sector to attain middle-income status by the year 2030.

The Government’s role is to realize the significance and full potential of the ASM sector and align it to the mainstream economy. The Government plays a pivotal role in defining policy and legal frameworks, incentives, and processes which determine that ASM operations are profitable and carried out sustainably.

The major challenges faced by the ASM sector are lack of financial resources; equipment; expertise; and geological information. Despite these challenges, ASM operations remain crucial as production details recorded at Fidelity Printers and Refiners indicate that the sector has produced more than 60 tonnes (60%) of gold for the period 2017-2020.

ZMF aims to ensure that the country’s legislation is conducive for ASM mining operations. ZMF has developed relationships with key stakeholders notably Government, investors, service providers, suppliers of mining equipment and mining consumables, tertiary training institutions and Zimbabweans in the diaspora. These synergies will assist in achieving Government’s $12 billion target expected from the Mining Industry by the year 2023.

ZMF focuses on major issues in the ASM sector and how they can contribute to sustainable development. ZMF is the umbrella body with over one million five hundred thousand (1,500,000) miners country-wide. Our members benefit from ZMF incentives and other programs that include finance, mechanization, education, safety and health awareness campaigns. ZMF is devoted to optimizing the benefits of mining to alleviate poverty, inclusive growth, social development, formalization and environmental stewardship.

ASM activities remain the key driver of economic development in the country and are projected to sustain the economy into the future. It is, therefore, my fervent wish that Artisanal and Small Scale Mining becomes a preserve for the indigenous Zimbabweans.

ZMF is driven by a singular objective: to capacitate the Small Scale miner that dares to dream and desires to aid Government in achieving its mantra that “Zimbabwe Is Open for Business”.

Beatrice H. Rushwaya
President – Zimbabwe Miners Federation


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