Miners over the moon as government approves 25 EPOs

14 March 2021

Zimbabwe miners are over the moon after the government approved and granted 25 EPOs.

The announcement through the government gazette general notice read, “It is hereby notified that the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, with authorization from the President, has in terms of section 90(2) of Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 21:05] issued Exclusive Prospecting Orders.”

The approved EPOs are as follows:-

  1. EPO number 1760
  2. EPO number 1761
  3. EPO number 1762
  4. EPO number 1763
  5. EPO number 1764
  6. EPO number 1765
  7. EPO number 1767
  8. EPO numberĀ  1768
  9. EPO number 1769
  10. EPO number 1770
  11. EPO number 1771
  12. EPO number 1779
  13. EPO number 1780
  14. EPO number 1782
  15. EPO number 1783
  16. EPO number 1784
  17. EPO number 1785
  18. EPO number 1786
  19. EPO number 1787
  20. EPO number 1790
  21. EPO number 1806
  22. EPO number 1807
  23. EPO number 1808
  24. EPO number 1809
  25. EPO number 1810

All EPOs will be valid until 11th March 2024.

Speaking on the development Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) President Ms. Henrietta Rushwaya expressed gratitude to the government for finally heeding miners’ call.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the government of Zimbabwe for finally listening to our pleas on EPO’s that had span into decades.

Since 1994, no EPO had been granted. The Minister of Mines and Mining Development, through the Mining Affairs board, has finally heard our pleas and issued a Government Gazette General notice of 328 of 2021 where 25EPO’s have been granted.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the Head of State for doing the needful. This clearly demonstrates that he is indeed a listening President.

On behalf of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation we would like to say, Thank You and we await the release of the rejected ones so that our Small-scale Miners can benefit and contribute towards the 12 Billion industry by 2023 Mining target” said Rushwaya in a statement.

The granting of EPOs will give small-scale miners the opportunity to apply for land that is not being used by the EPO holder.

Source: Mining Zimbabwe


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