Zimbabwe Miners Federation in conjunction with Bluedrum endeavour to assist the artisanal, small and large-scale mining sectors. Bluedrum is a special purpose vehicle that aims to be a catalyst for developing a sustainable mining environment in Zimbabwe. As a ZMF member, you are expected to be assisted in the following manner upon meeting certain set standards:

As a leader in the sector, ZMF is characterized by a transparent and predictable environment, safe and secure operations, environmentally and socially sustainable industry practices and trusting stakeholder partnership that provide mutual benefits for all. In achieving the vision, the Federation cultivates strong relationships with industry, Government, Indigenous and stakeholders.


Provision of very effective, affordable, durable and state of the art equipment for the extraction and processing of various minerals.

Access to Loans

Zimbabwe is rich in minerals deposits. However, the major limiting factor of full extraction is equipment required. Such partnerships as this one are there to assist in the provision of loans with flexible and affordable repayment terms upon fulfilling certain criteria or pre-requisites.

Membership Card

As a member of ZMF you automatically receive the ZMF card which opens enumerable doors for the success of your mining venture. Some include receiving special discounts on goods sold or services offered but can only be accessed by a card holding member.

Affordable & Accurate Geological Survey Access

ZMF will assist with technical expertise to prevent the adverse effects of mining blindly, such as poor yields, environmental damage and wasted resources. The use of modern day and highly effective methods to detect the value of mineral deposits in an area will improve our production output significantly and benefit the economy immensely. To include exploration equipment such as drill rigs and ground penetrating radars (GPR). Through these state-of-the-art technologies, our member miners will be able to detect hidden treasures and rich mineral tunnels which have been a dream and desire for almost every miner. Apart from the above, ZMF incorporates the borehole technology for our bonafide members. Thus, we have a vast array of options in terms of modern technology for our members, thereby making their mining operations easier and improving production output.

Land Open for Prospecting

They provide information on authentic, verified and well researched mines on sale.

Mining Consumables

Reliable and consistent access to reasonably priced mining consumables such as explosives, mining related chemicals and many other through our partners. ZMF will sell consumables at special discounted prices to its members. As Zimbabwe Miners Federation, we strive to have most of the mining requirements such as mining equipment and other consumables so that our registered members wont waste much of their production time searching for requirements.

Stakeholder Relationship

Is it through relationships that ZMF has with stakeholder, that allows for funding to miners.

Legal Protection

Zimbabwe Miners Federation has noted with concern, the number of legal battles faced by our members, so have seen it fit to provide legal services for both miners and investors. We have high esteemed lawyers to represent you in the event of a dispute, drafting of contracts or any legal need you might encounter.

Pre-owned Machinery

We intend on catering for every miners’ need, providing information on affordable, efficient functional pre-owned machinery without breaking the bank

Blasters & Mine Managers

As you venture into mining a licenced and professional blaster or mine manager is an essential requirement. We are fully equipped with a reliable database which you are entitled full access to as a member

Market Place

We are there to educate you on value addition. We intend to guide the industry on most favourable prices setting as well as access to final legitimate buyers.

Protecting your Mineral Discovery

In the event that you stumble upon a mineral deposit our doors are open to assist you until you are legally registered without disclosing your information to third parties. You do so after signing the non-disclosure document.

CIL & CIP Services

Provision of mobile leaching (CIL) and Cyanidation (CIP) services to ensure you benefit fully from the exploration

Safety Awareness

In every workplace, safety comes first and thus it has to be followed at all times. We noted with great concern over the number of tragic accidents occurring at several mines across the country. Miners have been trapped underground during accident which could have been avoided. We feel there is great need to step up on safety at the mining sites.

Buying Centre

On offer are gold and other mineral buying services in a secure and convenient environment.

Life & Funeral Insurance

In the event of you or your workers’ untimely death as a member, you will be assisted financially through various reputable life assurance companies.


Zimbabwe Miners Federation represents you to higher authorities over your mining related grievances as we strive to create a conducive working environment.


Education on all mining related requirements – before or during your mining venture.

Service Providers

Access to real time database on all essential, reliable and trustworthy service providers


Equipping workers on mining safety, environment protection and modern-day effective mining methods

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