The Zimbabwe Miners Federation Breaks Impasse Between Miners and Umzingwane Rural District Council.

29 March 2021

Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Ms Henrietta Rushwaya held a meeting between Umzingwane RDC and the small to medium scale miners including custom millers in Umzingwane District today 29/03 /2021. ZMF President pleaded with the RDC to review the levies downwards due to a myriad of challenges mostly emanating from Covid 19 pandemic which has grossly affected the industry.

The following fee structures were proposed and agreed upon as shown in the letter written today 29/03 /2021 by the ZMF Ceo Mr Wellington Takavarasha. Also in attendance at the RDC Council meeting today were the small to medium scale miners. RDC CEO Mr Mpofu and Councillors, ZMF General Council Chairman and Secretary Mr Nyenje and the Mr Mokuele respectively.

The following are the proposed levies by the small scale miners.

1.Small scale mining $250.00
2.Medium scale-own milling $500.00
3.Custom milling $750.00

The meeting was called after Umzingwane RDC had sent invoices for levies ranging between $12 000 to $14000 ( United States Dollars) this did not go down well with miners, hence the intervention by ZMF President.

ZMF is happy with the conclusion that was arrived at today’s meeting.

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