Tightly Contested ZMF Provincial Council Elections in Mashonaland Central.

31 May 2021

The Elections held at the Shamva Country Club today 31/05/21, for the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) 2021 Mashonaland Central Provincial Council were tightly contested with the posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer at stake.

Christine Munyoro beat her rival Shepherd Madzingira by four votes for the post of Chairman. Chipo Chinozha beat Gift Saizi by a single vote for the post of Vice Chairman while Lawrence Mushura is now the Treasurer after narrowly beating his contestant Rostina Shereni by two Votes.
The ZMF Treasurer Mr Lufeyi Shato was the Presiding Officer whilst the ZMF President, Vice President and Secretary General were election observers. The rest of the positions were uncontested.

In her inaugural speech,Chairman Christine Munyoro implored all the miners in Mashonaland Central to actively participate in ZMF programs.

Congratulations to the new Mashonaland Central Provincial Executive.

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