ZMF Approved Prospectors Meeting

21 April 2021

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation held an inaugural meeting with Approved Prospectors at the ZMF Head Office today, the 21st of April 2021.

The meeting was attended by the Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Madam H.B. Rushwaya, The Secretary General Mr. M. Mugawu and the Zimbabwe Prospectors Association Executive led by Mr. Francis Chatyoka, the Chairman and Mr. Timothy Chizuzu, the Secretary General. A written apology came from the ZPU President Mr .S Dzingwe.

The major issues discussed were:

1) Delays in issuance of mine certificates from the Ministry of Mines
2) Unreadable and tattered Geological Maps.
3) Under resourced Provincial Mines Offices failing to carry out surveying and inspections.
4) Cadastral System which is way overdue.
5) Lifting of Suspension of Special Grants issuances
6) Justification in the sizes of EPOs and the need to release unmined areas to Small Scale Miners who are the largest contributor in gold production and deliveries to Fidelity.
7) RDC charges which need to be uniform across all districts.
8) Need for forfeited claims to be fully disclosed and cancelled to avoid double allocation.
9) Corruption at various Provincial Mines Offices (names provided).
10) To amend certain sections of the Mines and Minerals Act rather than overhauling the whole Act.

The ZMF President requested Prospectors to avail their database of approved prospectors which will be shared among the ZMF membership and also with aspiring miners .ZMF will also use its existing platforms to display the approved prospectors lists.

The ZMF executives through its Secretary General undertook to do country-wide interface meetings with various stakeholders including prospectors.

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