ZMF-FS Vehicle loan Scheme

11 June 2022

ZMF in conjunction with its SPV – FS mining hosted a lavish event at the ZRP golf course to unveil the FS car loan scheme aimed at providing mobility solutions that miners have been facing from time to time.

The event was oversubscribed with an impressive list of dignitaries that included the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Honourable Winston Chitando and ZMF President ,Madam Henrietta Rushwaya

Mines and Mining Development Minister Chitando, said the leadership shown by the ZMF in the country’s quest to ensure mining develops the country and benefits its people.The vehicle loan scheme is meant to empower small scale miners and cushion them from the hassles of acquiring vehicles so that they can use their time more productively at their establishments. “I’m very pleased today to state that the ZMF has transformed over the last few months,” Minister Chitando said.

ZMF President Ms Henrietta Rushwaya said they have so far imported 40 vehicles of different ranges with 150 more expected in Harare soon.

“We are doing everything overboard there are no shortcuts.All the vehicles have been paid for and will have their duty as per the country’s laws.We are working towards empowering our miners and we have many other projects in place that we going to roll out in come months,”she said.

Small scale miners will get vehicles of their choice payable in 3monthly instalments

The scheme aimed at capacitating small scale miners in their quest to ramp up production in line with the Government’s vision of growing mining to a US$12 billion industry by 2023.

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